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How Many Disc Golf Discs Should A Beginner Have?

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You may be asking how many disc golf discs you need if you are considering getting into disc golf or have just picked up the sport as a hobby. It is a frequent inquiry and always seems to stir up some heated discussion among disc golfers.

Several schools of thought on the topic make it difficult to determine the precise number of discs required. Anyone can pick up the amazing game of disc golf with just one disc. Yes, a single plastic token is all that’s required to get started.

Disc Golf Discs Come In A Wide Variety Of Forms

Innova Disc Golf Discs - Innova Disc GolfIn case you were unaware of this fact beforehand, there are four distinct varieties of discs used in disc golf. You’ll find a list of the various Discs and the information below.

1. Putters

These discs are believed to have the highest level of accuracy due to their design, allowing them to travel fewer distances. Putters are the discs that go the slowest and are engineered to have a straight flight path. Putters typically have the thinnest rims of all the different types of discs.

2. Mid-ranges

Unlike putters, mid-range discs are designed to go greater distances and have a higher overall speed. They are also frequently referred to as mid-range or mid-range drivers. They have excellent accuracy. However, they are not quite as good as putters. Their rims are typically wider than putters but narrower than distance drivers.

3. Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers, also known as control drivers, are intended for use at intermediate to long distances. More manageable than Distance Drivers, these discs are often regarded among the best in the game.

4. Distance Drivers

These discs are designed to travel a considerable distance when thrown. The distance driver is the type of disc that can go the largest distance of any form of a disc, but it also requires the most speed to be thrown. These discs have incredibly broad rims, making them challenging to handle and a lot of overall surface area.

Are The Numbers Of Disc Golf Discs Significant?

It doesn’t matter too much what the disc’s numbers are. The numbers you see most likely indicate a four-tiered Innova Discs flight rating system. These classes are the basis for disc comparisons and characterizing various disc types.

If you want to know how far your disc will go, look at the numbers printed on it; this is not a guarantee, but it will show you where your disc excels. If you’re serious about progressing in this sport, it could be worth your time to learn more about the specifics of these metrics, which we’ll do below.

Speed (1 to 14) 

The speed at which the disc travels through the air is the only criterion in this category. The discs with higher ratings travel quicker than those with lower ratings. Disc golf clubs are rated from 1 to 15, with 15 being the highest and 14 the lowest. Drivers are rated highest (10-14), fairway drivers are rated in the middle (4-9), and putters are rated lowest (1 to 3).

Glide (1 to 7) 

Glide is the capacity of a disc to keep its loft while in flight. It essentially enables a disc to remain airborne for a longer period. If you are starting and need more distance since you can’t throw as far, you should go for a disc with a higher glide rating to get the most out of it.

Turn (+1 to -5) 

The turn refers to the disc’s capability of rotating clockwise to the right (when thrown by a right-hand backhand thrower). If you have difficulties preventing the disc from moving to the left, you could try learning the proper technique and purchasing a disc with a lower rating. 

Fade (0 to 5) 

Fade is the disc’s leftward rotational capability. Volleyball players typically utilize these discs for a spike or skip shots. The discs you need to improve your game are different for every player. Therefore you must develop your throwing style.

Does One Need To Carry A Bag For Disc Golf Discs?

Limited Edition IceBerg V3 Professional Disc Golf Backpack – Berg's ActiveIf you don’t want to bring a bag to carry your discs in, that’s OK. But is it necessary? Yes, it is. Below are a few reasons why you need to carry a bag for disc golfing:

  1. Maintain awareness of where each of your discs is located by carrying them in a bag, which is especially helpful while trying to throw the discs. If you do not have a bag, you must set your discs down between every throw you make.
  2. You can carry many discs, but if you do not have a bag, it will be impractical to carry more than three or four discs at a time. Many skilled and professional players use bags that may hold anywhere from 20 to 30 discs at any given time. It doesn’t need to have that many, but some people find it more enjoyable to have many discs available for them to choose from for each round.

To What Extent Can A Disc Golfer’s Bag Contain Disc Golf Discs?

Players can bring as many discs as they like in their bag for a round of disc golf. The disc golf bag can only store so many discs. Thus that’s the main limiting factor. The number of discs in the bag can also be influenced by the player’s degree of experience. 

Still, most players will only bring along the number of discs they expect to use during a game.

It’s quite OK to bring as many discs as you’ll need to a disc golf competition. The maximum number of discs that can be carried when playing golf is completely open-ended.


If you’re wondering how many discs you’ll need to play a round of golf, we hope this article by Disc Golf Action helped clear it up for you. Although many disc golfers would tell you otherwise, all you need is a single disc to get started and start having fun.

It is a good idea for beginners to use a putter or mid-range for the first few rounds or perhaps the first few months. As you become more comfortable with the disc and your game improves, you may begin to stock up on discs.

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