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What Is Innova Disc Golf?

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The leading manufacturer of disc golf gear, and the developer of discs, popularly known as Innova Disc Golf, made a huge impact on the gears you are using right now, which makes it impossible to engage in disc golf without even being aware of them.

Discs more comparable to a classic frisbee, which isn’t designed to be tossed farther than golf discs, were widely used to practice disc golf before Innova. 

Everything else shifted, and Dave Dunipace, the company’s CEO and founder of disc developer, put disc golf’s existence on a new course. 

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Defining Innova Disc Golf & Its History

Innova became a frontrunner in the disc golf industry when Dave Dunipace founded the brand in 1983. 

All across the 1970s, Dunipace was an excellent disc player and long shooter. By contemporary standards, every one of the discs had blunt edges and resembled putters. 

However, to produce the first batch of discs specifically made for disc golf, Dunipace went all out. 

Over the last 38 years, Innova has produced numerous disc molds. Renowned athletes toss several of their discs all over the globe because of their good quality. 

In the collectibles sector, some of them have even fetched big bucks. Moving on, Innova started developing baskets as well, and on October 30, 1995, the DISCatcher basket received PDGA certification. 

The most popular basket in the world currently is one that has undergone several changes. It is just another illustration of how Innova is advancing the sport via development.

Going back to Dunipace, his contribution is when he created a golf disc that gave players longer lengths while retaining stability. Innova is still at the forefront of disc design and production. 

Dave Dunipace is the brains behind the disc innovations for Millennium Golf Discs, which DiscsUnlimited now acquires, and he continues to work for Innova. 

Dave Dunipace’s Masterpiece

Dave Dunipace made the first discs that would transform the obscure athletics of Frisbee golf into the rapidly expanding disc golf, which is now played by many people worldwide. He used nothing except a heating element, a sleek knife, some plastic, a trowel, and sandpaper to make the disc models.

Dave explored form, dimension, composition, and mass to make quicker, farther-flying models, chopping up older discs and safely soldering parts and pieces. Even though many experiments have never been properly developed, they were all essential in demonstrating how flying discs work to Dave.

Innova Disc Golf Popular Discs

The Champion Roc3, one of Innova’s finest renowned discs, prevails thanks to its adaptability. Both professionals and novices will enjoy using it as a fairway disc in almost any situation.

This standard mid-range disc is available in various hues and three weight categories. However, the Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Kit can also be used as a marker while you prepare for your next shot if you’re new to the game. 

Additionally, one of the finest disc models is The Iconic Roc. This over-stable midrange features the ideal balance of prolonged gliding, ultra-reliable fading, and torque-resistant excellent durability. 

Since its introduction in 1987, the Roc has become a mainstay in renowned golfers’ bags and is the iconic midrange golf disc. Here are other amazing Innova discs you can obtain:

  • Mako3
  • MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Distance Driver
  • Innova Destroyer
  • Innova Disc Golf Mini Galactic Disc
  • Innova Wraith

Are you a novice in disc golf and looking for some Innova discs for beginners? Check out The Best Innova Discs for Beginners by Disc Golf Action.

Brief History Of Disc Golf

The origins of disc golf may originate from the early 1900s and are intimately related to the development of the leisure flying disc. In Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada, around 1926, the first recorded occurrence of somebody playing golf using a flying disc occurred.

Ronald Gibson and some of his elementary school friends threw tin platters at objects like bushes and poles. They set up a disc golf track on the premises of their institution, where they regularly engaged in a sport they named Tin Lid Golf. 

George Sappenfield and Kevin Donnelly are some of the sport’s earliest directors. With the support of Wham-O and their shared origins, they were fortunate to popularize the sport in their respective Californian locations.

In 1959, Donnelly started to play Street Frisbee Golf.

Then, in 1961, he created and started arranging Frisbee golf competitions for kids at the city’s parks while working as a recreational director and supervisor for the City of Newport Beach in California. It resulted in a citywide Frisbee golf competition completely videotaped and funded by Wham-O in 1965.

Hula hoops served as the holes in this widely recognized competition, which included regulations, hole widths, pars, and rewards that were all posted. Walter Frederick Morrison, the creator of the Frisbee, participated in the event. 

Lastly, the founder of disc golf is referred to as “Steady” Ed Headrick #001. Some of his many patents on advancements are of the utmost significance to modern sport. A Wham-O worker created the Frisbee in 1966. 

The second, the Disc Golf Pole Hole, served as the inspiration for all disc golf aims.

The Benefits Of Playing Disc Golf

Disc golf is a fantastic, reduced-exercise activity. Approximately 5,613 steps, or nearly three miles, are walked by disc golfers during an 18-hole game.

Additionally, it has a psychological impact that encourages involvement, and athletes may feel better about themselves and their disposition after an outside workout. 

Also, individuals of any age can participate in disc golf, making it an “ageless sport.” Another great thing is that if you are curious about playing disc golf, most of its courses are free to practice, and you can be a pro in no time!

It is simple to have casual encounters with other gamers. It’s a tradition in the sport that disc golfers are friendly to newcomers and onlookers who are just curious.


Innova has emerged as a trendsetter in the disc golf industry. All praise goes to Dave Dunipace, who significantly altered how disc golf is played today.

Each athlete needs a molding to fit into this specific space in their backpack, and Innova provides a wide variety of models to do just that.

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