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Franklin Sparrow

Franklin Sparrow Midrange No ratings yet.

The RT Franklin Sparrow is the plastic shape listed as a mid-range in the Franklin Sports Disc Golf beginner set. This disc is made of a soft, very un-durable plastic type that is quick to wear and easily bends. Although it is listed as a mid-range, the disc mold used is exactly the same as the Albatross (which is listed as a driver). Regardless of what this disc is listed as, it does not fly well, but the aerodynamics of the disc make it too understable to throw as it immediately flips sideways, falls out on the ground, and begins to roll. The Sparrow could be listed as a roller disc if it was possible to control, but it’s very hard to make this disc roll straight as it usually likes to turn right and curl in a circle.

Because this disc is so understable, it is not recommended for any disc golfers above the age of six years old. Franklin Disc Golf Sparrow

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